Winter Pride

Fri 21 & Sat 22 June 2024

OUTBURST: Winter Pride Maryborough

Mill House 88-90 Burke St, Maryborough, Vic

Outburst is funded by the Equality Unit of the DFFH and the Central

Goldfields Shire Council

and is a Safe Space for 

all our Community.

We are on our way

Outburst is               to 

enter and is a day out 

for the whole community.

Cheers Queers



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Q. Why are we having a Pride Festival Maryborough?

A. Because we are all a valued part

of this Goldfields community. 

Our children, our parents, 

our brothers & sisters, 

our uncles & aunts, 

our cousins and


are all loved.

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We are Too!! 

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